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» bis die wolken wieder lila sind.
31 December 2020 @ 19:56

Friends only. Graphics @ sheepboxes.

Hi there! *waves* I'm not a ~picky ~person - if we've met before or you really want to get to know me, just leave a comment here and I'll most likely add you back if we seem to have something in common. :)
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» bis die wolken wieder lila sind.
13 July 2012 @ 00:09
Okay guys, I have icons for you! Aaaaaaaand I made an icon community to post them to as of now. I figured I post way too many icons at the moment... and people feel uncomfortable following personal journals just to see icons. So I made a comm. Yay. It's called sheepboxes because I'm absolutely uncreative when it comes to names and it... kind of fit. So that's that.

sheepboxes sheepboxes sheepboxes

I also made icons, because what would an icon community be without icons? I recently watched "Legend of the Seeker" and decided it would go well with the theme for my first attempt at Chapter One over at theiconquest. In case you never heard of "The Icon Quest", I'd like to pimp it here as well. (I'm greedy for points, so bear with me. ;))

The Icon Quest is a graphics-centered interactive community.
Enter challenges, make icons, earn points, become the ultimate icon maker!

tell me more! | sign-up

So, yeah, I made icons. 28 icons for "Legend of the Seeker".

You may find them here at my shiny and new icon community sheepboxes. As you'll find every new icon post of mine from now on. So, if you'd like to keep up with my icons, please watch my community. ♥

More in depth thoughts about "Legend of the Seeker" probably soon-ish at my new icon-free journal. Yay! ♥
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» bis die wolken wieder lila sind.
15 June 2012 @ 21:12
Okay, so a few icons piled up on my harddrive and I'm not really a fan of huge posts, so I decided to just go ahead and post them. Yay. This will be even more random than my last post, because iconflashes happened and I love that it makes me icon almost everyday in fandoms I'm not always a part of. Fun. C:

That's why this one, again, is all over the place. Please bear with me, will you? Not much else to say, because nothing really happened and I'm absolutely boring. :3

26 icons in total: The Vampire Diaries, Once Upon a Time (both including icons for the icon_talk battle), X-Men: First Class, New Girl, Downton Abbey, Criminal Minds, Harry Potter, Skins, Fringe, Doctor Who, Misfits, Revenge, Thor and Nikita.
(Yeah, I told you this is all over the place.)

Really, though, check out iconflashes. It's amazing.Collapse )

Also, pimping this:

Sign-ups for the anonymous icon battle at icon_talk are now open!
Sign-ups close on Sunday June 24th!
Click here to go to the sign-up post!
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» bis die wolken wieder lila sind.
So after skipping the latest rounds at inspired20in20 and feeling absolutely uninspired these last two months, I'm finally back with a rather short batch which, in addition, is all over the place with regard to fandoms. Some of these were made for the first challenge at smashingart which is a lovely new community and you all should check it out as soon as possible. Then there are a few stubs for round 9 at inspired20in20 (#'s 13 and 14... yep, that is all I made for this challenge :c), some poor attempts at new Caroline icons and last but not least a few of the icons I made for spontaneous flash challenges over at anon_icon (view at your own risk, you have been warned!) that were so much fun because I got to work with caps I never would have tried to icon otherwise.

Yeah, that's it. Here's what's following after the cut:
o1-15 Once Upon a Time (including 10 icons for challenge #o1 COLOR ME EMOTION @ smashingart)
16-17 The Vampire Diaries (Caroline)
18-19 The Lion King and Tangled
20-21 The Hunger Games and Iron Man

+ o1 wallpaper for Once Upon a Time

Is this always going to be our life? Taking turns finding each other?Collapse )
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» bis die wolken wieder lila sind.
15 March 2012 @ 19:38
«I've dreamt in my life dreams that have stayed with me ever after, and changed my ideas; they've gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the colour of my mind.» - Wuthering Heights, Emily Brontë. (I freaking love Wuthering Heights!)

Again, a batch for inspired20in20 - this is all I do of late, it seems. This round's theme was Warm & cool and although my muse was gone for the past couple of weeks, I really, really wanted to do this round because I love this theme and because I've never really bothered with cool/blue icons. So this round actually challenged me very, very much. (I assume that's why my muse was gone for so long because I struggled with what I wanted to do for this round.)

I decided to take the inspiriation literally and did a set of cool (read: blue) and warm (read: orange) icons. After struggling a lot with the blue icons, I actually like them even more than the warm ones and I have a few that I legitimately favour among them.

I planned to claim "Once Upon a Time" initially but changed my mind before I started making any icons and chose "Slumdog Millionaire" instead. I love this movie so much and it has some beautiful cool and warm shots (and wonderful close-ups). And it's just an overall emotional movie with very sad and very happy scenes... but enough with the rambling already.

24 icons of Slumdog Millionaire under the cut...

«What will we live on?» - «Love.»Collapse )

P/S: I read the first book of the "The Hunger Games" series when I was sick two weeks ago and I liked the book. It's a really fast read and the action is very good. The writing is not the best on earth but it wasn't that bad either. The characters overall were okay and I did like the female lead, Katniss. I didn't, however, really like her so-called "love interest", Peeta (what a name). I don't know why, he just came off very whiny, annoying and useless and I'm quite baffled by the undying love this guy seems to receive in the fandom. Meh. I guess I'm too old for this or something. :s

If someone knows of good meta on the political and social themes in these books, they're very welcome to guide me in the right direction. As for the other books, maybe I'll read the second one because of what I heard of it, I might actually enjoy another round in the arena. The third book though... I don't know yet. Maybe if I'm sick again someday (or when I want to tear my hair out over my thesis) I'll give it a try, too.
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» bis die wolken wieder lila sind.
at·trac·tion, noun, /əˈtrakʃ(ə)n/: the action or power of evoking interest in or liking for someone or something; a quality or feature that evokes interest, liking, or desire; a force under the influence of which objects tend to move towards each other.

Attraction is this month's theme at inspired20in20 for which I claimed "Misfits" (which is perfect for this, if you ask me, because that whole show is super attractive, lol ;)). So, this batch is centred on Alisha's character and her relationship to Simon because these two are what primarily attracts me to the show. I tried to structure my set by concentrating first on Alisha herself (because I love her and she is beautiful and she has the most beautiful screencaps - I mean, seriously, all those profile and close shots... perfect) and then on the developing relationship between her and future!Simon and Simon himself (I ignored that uber-depressing ending of series 3).

The rest of this post contains some alternates and a few icons from the Magic Challenge at magicnook, which was a lot of fun (I even placed twice, yay!). That's why the second half of this post is all over the place concerning fandoms and styles. ;)

All in all, 38 icons for you:
01-30 Misfits (01-20 for inspired20in20)
31-32 The Borgias and The Vampire Diaries
33-36 Movies (Sucker Punch, Slumdog Millionaire, Tangled)
37-38 Megan Fox and Candice Accola

Proper superhero shit under this cut!Collapse )
» bis die wolken wieder lila sind.
I'm really late with my batch for the 5th round at inspired20in20, as usual. But here it is! The theme was "Take Five" and I decided to make five icons each of four incredible ladies. I tried to take one lady per "medium" (book, film, tv-show, real life) and came up with Elizabeth Bennet (took Keira Knightley's movie version for illustration), Rose DeWitt Bukater, Caroline Forbes and, of course, my bb Amanda. :D (Yep, no "Atonement" icons today. I had to restrain myself from not making some this time around. ;))

So, 20 icons:
01-05 Elizabeth Bennet ("Pride and Prejudice" (2005))
06-10 Rose DeWitt Bukater ("Titanic")
11-15 Caroline Forbes ("The Vampire Diaries", all seasons)
16-20 Amanda Seyfried

Pretty ladies under the cut...Collapse )
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» bis die wolken wieder lila sind.
17 November 2011 @ 20:16

Okay, I am excited, tbh. (I consider this my birthday present that every single one of my friends has to go watch this with me next year. ;)) They're going to kill me.

Also, "Emergency Room" is airing again here and I realised how much I love the early seasons. (I'm just waiting for Carter to get badass.)

That's it. :D
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» bis die wolken wieder lila sind.
16 November 2011 @ 17:29
So, I finished my first round over at inspired20in20. (Yay!) The theme was "season" and I claimed "Atonement" (Quelle surprise!). It was a bit overwhelming at first but yay, I finished! I took the different "chapters" of the movie, the journey of Robbie and Cecilia and took them as the several seasons of their love - starting with spring (the slowly growing awareness of their love for each other), summer (hot sex in the library their awakening and ~the evening of loveTM), following autumn (Robbie's time in France because the cinematography in that is stunning and, tbh, I had the most fun with this sequence) and finally winter (Briony's "atonement", Robbie's and Cecilia's deaths and their "happy ending").
The overall theme was my main inspiration for now (I feared it'd be too much had I used more), but I used some of the provided textures by lookslikerain and sintonia as well.

What was in the version I was meant to read? - Don't know... it was more formal, and less... - Anatomical?Collapse )
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» bis die wolken wieder lila sind.
Okay, I made a crapload of TVD icons: a bunch of Caroline icons, of course (a random collection of Season 2 and 3 scenes), some Caroline/Tyler icons (as always), also 2 or 3 Rebekah (however you spell her) icons because I kind of like her.

While we're at it, a few random thoughts on yesterday's TVD episode:

Okay guys, please tell me there is someone out there who hates Matt as much as I do! I can't believe they're dragging down Jeremy to prop Matt and I cannot believe they're even comparing Matt's "sacrifice" (come on, he chose Elena over Vicky; it was not like he the Town's or even someone else's safety over his beloved sister - he chose his ex-girlfriend [who he's still obsessed over, me thinks] over his already dead sister) to Jeremy's hanging on to the girl he still loves.
I just... I hate Matt so much. I don't even know what it is about him that rubs me the wrong way... he's just so useless and I can't hear his whining anymore. He's the only one of the kids who's still human - he can easily walk away from all of this, so don't tell me his live is so fucking hard when everyone else's life is as hard or even harder. I just can't hear it anymore.

On a positive note: Caroline was still awesome and I love that they seem to rekindle her friendship with Bonnie. These two need some storylines apart from Elena, Damon, Stefan... (Matt; although I fear they're setting up Matt/Bonnie; meh, still better than Matt/Caroline.)

I loved Anna and I'm so sad she's gone (can she come back, please?). But I'm so glad she found her mom. Excuse me while I wipe away my tears.

Mason's back and I loved that he wasn't out for revenge but redemption. See, this is how you do it - you don't need to show some tragic background to make someone more likeable (I'm looking at you, Matt!); show me that he recognises his own mistakes and wants to do better and wants to help others get better and I'm all sold. I liked his scenes with Damon. I... think it was kind of refreshing to see other character constellations.

I wish Lexi could have stayed. I wish Lexi and Caroline could have met. So much wasted potential on both points. :(

Elena... oh Elena. She's such a hyprocrit, I can't even. The things she told Jeremy? Yeah, whatever, look at yourself, honey! Where the heck is Katherine when I need her? Can't we just switch the two of them, please?

Well, okay, I'm all good. I'm sorry for the mini-rant. It's not like I don't like TVD, some (okay, most) of the storylines just rub me the wrong way at the moment. I hope it gets better (when they kill of Matt eventually, hopefully).

I'm shutting up now. I still have icons.
01-26 The Vampire Diaries (Caroline from S2 and S3, Caroline/Tyler from 3.03 and 3.06, Rebekah)

Consider me the honesty police.Collapse )

On a more personal note: I'm still cowardly avoiding taking the final steps for my thesis. (I still need to e-mail two professors concerning the papers I've written in the last semester. I also still need to finish one last paper in Diachrony. I just... I only have one month left and I have to meet this deadline. Blergh.)

We also finally have a new cat. She's still sort of nameless (she was supposed to be called 'Jack' because she was supposed to be a tomcat... but she's definitely not) and pretty much scared by everything (but a sweetheart and very cuddly if she's gotten used to someone). ;)

I really need to shut up now. ♥

P/S: If anyone needs an invite code for Dreamwidth (maybe for a back-up blog when LJ is down again), let me know.
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