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Smallish icon post with random fandoms...

So after skipping the latest rounds at inspired20in20 and feeling absolutely uninspired these last two months, I'm finally back with a rather short batch which, in addition, is all over the place with regard to fandoms. Some of these were made for the first challenge at smashingart which is a lovely new community and you all should check it out as soon as possible. Then there are a few stubs for round 9 at inspired20in20 (#'s 13 and 14... yep, that is all I made for this challenge :c), some poor attempts at new Caroline icons and last but not least a few of the icons I made for spontaneous flash challenges over at anon_icon (view at your own risk, you have been warned!) that were so much fun because I got to work with caps I never would have tried to icon otherwise.

Yeah, that's it. Here's what's following after the cut:
o1-15 Once Upon a Time (including 10 icons for challenge #o1 COLOR ME EMOTION @ smashingart)
16-17 The Vampire Diaries (Caroline)
18-19 The Lion King and Tangled
20-21 The Hunger Games and Iron Man

+ o1 wallpaper for Once Upon a Time


~Small thoughts...
o1 - Pink for sensitive, kind, sweet, romantic which all fits Mary Margaret to a tee if you ask me.
o2 - Purple for mysterious and royal which aren't really emotions but fit the Evil Queen nonetheless.
o3 - Red for passionate, dangerous, courageous. This colour was too easy because, you know, Red (Riding Hood) is all those things and has a fitting red cape, too. Yay.
o4 - Orange for determined, desire. Those two are really willing to avoid each other, but they just can't overcome the desire for each other. Isn' it ~poetic?
o5 - Brown for dependable, loyal. Again, Mary Margaret is all those things. To the point where she suffers for them.
o6 - Yellow for cautious, hopeful. Well, Emma is the epitome of cautious to the point where she can't believe what's right in front of her. Yet, she's the Hope for all other characters.
o7 - Green for safe, generous, good-willed which, of course, fits Snow but is more meant for the Huntsman in this. Because of his generous, good-willed self, Snow could live.
o8 - Turquoise for generous, intuitive, responsible because it was for Regina's intuitive, generous behaviour and that she felt responsible for little Snow that everything was set into motion.
o9 - Blue for serious, loyal, trustworthy. Yeah, if little Snow could have kept the secret, everything would have turned out differently... and wouldn't that be boring?
10 - Grey for reserved, depressed because this is a very emotional, sad scene where Snow realises "Is this always going to be our life? Taking turns finding each other?". My heart breaks.

Alts and other things 'Once Upon a Time'

Misc. TV/Movies (The Vampire Diaries, The Lion King, Tangled, The Hunger Games, Iron Man)

Oh, and a bonus wallpaper while I'm at it. Snow/Charming. ♥

Okay guys, that's it. Hope you like any of them, have fun and enjoy. ♥

He looked so much like Edward Norton in this scene, y/y?

→ texture credit goes to deny1984 @ midnight_road and innocent_lexys @ satine_violet
Tags: book/movie: the hunger games, character: caroline forbes, movie: random, tv: once upon a time, tv: the vampire diaries, ♠ icons, ♠ wallpaper
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