i'm falling apart

i'm barely breathing

» bis die wolken wieder lila sind.
1 April
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WHAT YOU WANT TO KNOW: Ani, 26, German, literature & linguistics graduate with no job. Lifehouse is my one true love. ♥ (Also, Linkin Park and some selected others, of course.) Books. Always books. Movies. Snooker. Photoshop.

I'M A FAN, THEREFORE I AM: Being Human (UK), Misfits, The Vampire Diaries, Legend of the Seeker, Alias, Veronica Mars, Friends.
Atonement, Titanic, Moulin Rouge, Penelope.
The Pillars of the Earth, Lolita, Die Physiker, Sherlock Holmes, Wuthering Heights. Jane Austen, Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Arthur Conan Doyle, Ian McEwan.
Jake Gyllenhaal, Amanda Seyfried, Jason Wade, James McAvoy, Ewan McGregor, Aidan Turner.

10/rose, 500 days of summer, aidan turner, ali carter, alias, amanda seyfried, andrew garfield, anne boleyn, annie/mitchell, arthur conan doyle, atonement, beauty and the beast, becoming jane, being human (uk), black widow/hawkeye, books, caroline forbes, caroline/tyler, catherine willows, cats, chocolate, clint/natasha, criminal minds, disney, doctor who, doctor's diary, edward norton, ellen page, ewan mcgregor, fanart, florian david fitz, friedrich dürrenmatt, fringe, gilmore girls, grammar, graphics, hanson, henry/anne, icons, inception, incubus, jack/aliena, jake gyllenhaal, james mcavoy, jane austen, jason wade, jonathan rhys meyers, joseph gordon-levitt, joshua jackson, kate winslet, language, legend of the seeker, leonardo dicaprio, lifehouse, linguistics, linkin park, literature, london, lost, marc/gretchen, mark selby, megan fox, men with scottish accents, mike shinoda, misfits, moulin rouge, movies, never let me go, once upon a time, one tree hill, patrick süskind, penelope, peter/olivia, photoshop, pillars of the earth, pride and prejudice, reading, richard/kahlan, robbie/cecilia, rose tyler, roswell, sailor moon, scotland, scottish accents, sheep, sherlock, sherlock holmes, shutter island, simon/alisha, slumdog millionaire, snooker, snow white/prince charming, soundtracks, sydney/vaughn, the avengers, the hunger games, the lion king, the little mermaid, the perfume, the tudors, the vampire diaries, titanic, tv-shows, tyler/caroline, united kingdom, veronica mars, vincent will meer, wallpaper, william shakespeare, wuthering heights, x-files